Top 7 must-have car seat accessories.?

car seat accessories

Then traveling in the car with baby, it is important to ensure their comfort and safety, especially during long trips. Car seat accessories are therefore essential. But which ones to choose? Zoom on 7 car seat accessories to favor for serene journeys.

The seat cover

The car seat cover is one of the essentials for traveling with baby , especially in summer. During this very hot period, your child’s perspiration can accumulate and create humidity on the car seat, making travel very uncomfortable for baby. In addition, the cover protects from any stains left by baby, and from wear and tear on the car seat.

Sponge or cotton covers are very effective and offer your child a certain comfort of installation. Another advantage: they are easy to wash in the washing machine for more hygiene.

The i-Size standard, also known as R129, is designed to increase the safety of children in cars. This is the most recent standard applied to child car seats. Why was this standard set…

For long trips, do not hesitate to invest in a headrest . This accessory, generally made of memory foam or made of microbeads, is placed around baby’s neck to support his head when he falls asleep. Some models even take the form of a teddy bear or cartoon hero to appeal to children.

The sun visor

For journeys during your summer holidays with toddlers, the sun visor is essential (this is true for adults too!). This accessory blocks the sun’s rays and avoids glare. It is generally fixed using a system of suction cups to be applied at the top of the window or in the centre. Some models can be rolled up and unrolled for added convenience, as they can stay in place on the window even when not in use.

Harness protectors

Also in summer, when baby tends to sweat in his car seat, it is advisable to use harness protectors , which limit the friction of the straps against the skin. These can indeed irritate your child’s still fragile skin and make car journeys uncomfortable.

This accessory generally attaches via a Velcro system and can be adapted to all types of harnesses, including those of pushchairs. Some models are offered in the shape of animals or well-known cartoon characters, in order to be adopted more easily by baby.

 Good to know

If your child has a tendency to want to remove their harnesses that slide over their shoulders, be aware that there is an anti-escape system that prevents them from putting their elbow under the strap. This system is universal and adapts to all car seats.

The safety mirror

The safety mirror makes it possible to monitor baby even when the latter is positioned in his rear-facing car seat. The accessory is placed in front of him, slightly to the side, so that his reflection intersects with that of the driver’s side mirror. As a result, even though you are driving with your baby rear-facing, you can watch over him in complete safety, without having to turn your head and take risks on the road.

seat reducer

Some morphologies adapt better than others to car seats. While some babies are properly seated in most models, other children may find themselves incorrectly positioned because the seat is too deep (even if the age and weight match the car seat group). In this case, opt for a seat reducer, a padded device that is positioned directly on the car seat , passing at the back and under the two straps. Baby will thus be better installed, in a safer and more secure position.


For journeys in winter, when baby is still very young, add a footmuff directly to his car seat – rather on his shell or carry cot used for the first car trips. The accessory is specifically designed to attach correctly to different types of seating. Some models are available in lambswool to keep baby comfortably warm during the winter season.

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