the 7 essential accessories for your car.?

accessories for your car

You have a car, that’s good, but do you know the accessories that will make your life easier? Even if it’s all about subjectivity, for example, for some people having a GPS seems essential, for others it’s something superfluous. We’re going to do a little review of the items for the sale of vehicle accessories.

1) Warning triangle

Honor to safety, with this object which has been mandatory since 2008 in all vehicles. If you don’t have one, do what is necessary or risk a fine, and above all, avoid an accident.

the warning triangle has been compulsory since 2008

the warning triangle has been compulsory since 2008

2) Safety jacket

It goes hand in hand with the warning triangle . In addition, there too, you risk a fine if you do not have one.

3) Getting started

Can’t start your car one morning? The problem: Dead battery. With this object that you put in the trunk, your battery failure has its solution. You’ll get it out when you need it, and you’ll thank me then.

4) Box of spare bulbs

A misadventure happened to me personally. One of my bulbs had died in the middle of the night. I was immediately stopped by the gendarmerie patrol who asked me to change the bulb in question, under penalty of not being able to leave. Luckily I had a first aid box!

a box of spare bulbs is essential at any time of the day…and night

a box of spare bulbs is essential at any time of the day…and night

5) Charger for Gsm

If you don’t have a phone, ok, it won’t help. But on the other hand, if you have one, it can be really useful, so as not to end up with the battery flat , broken down, and in the middle of the countryside!

6) Winter equipment

Having snow socks (it’s very easy to put on), but also having a scraper can be useful. Think about it, it will surely come in handy at some point.

7) Sun visor

When it’s hot in summer, and your car is in direct sunlight, it’s best to keep the interior as cool as possible… Especially if you have children, this can prevent them from getting sunstroke.

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