How to get your car repaired without breaking the bank

car repaired without breaking the bank

 Doing your repairs in an associative garage, using garage comparators, buying your parts on the internet are some of the solutions to save on the maintenance of your car.

The easiest way to benefit from the best service at the best price is to use an online garage comparator.


It’s not just the price of petrol that is rising, the cost of repairing our cars in a professional garage has increased by 4.2% in 2021 and by an average of 2 to 3% per year for the past fifteen years. . In question, an increasingly expensive workforce, but above all a constant rise in the price of spare parts. Moreover, from one brand to another, for the same repair, the final invoice can vary from simple to triple.

Cheaper than dealerships, independent garages and auto centers can be a solution. For a good address, rely on word of mouth. But even more savings are possible. Here are some ideas to help you reduce the amount of your bills.

Compare offers and request multiple quotes

You can go around the garages in your city, but the easiest way to benefit from the best service at the best price is to use an online garage comparator where, in addition to the estimate, you can consult customer comments. Among these comparators, IDGarage, which benefits from a network of 4,300 garages, and Mecagoo offer real-time quotes and immediate online appointment scheduling. Another type of comparator, Carvisor is dedicated solely to sharing verified opinions on garages and vehicles. It’s up to you to contact the mechanic who caught your attention.

Solidarity associative collaborative and self garages” garages

Repairing your car yourself is the least expensive alternative, but requires knowledge and equipment. That’s what you’ll find in community garages and self-garages that provide the space, deck, and tools needed to make the repairs. For an annual fee, you can take advantage of garage rates at a very attractive price and the advice of qualified mechanics. You will have the choice between repairing your vehicle yourself, getting help, having your car repaired by a member of the association or even learning to repair your car. There are currently nearly 150 solidarity garages in France that you will find on

Have your car repaired with spare parts bought on the internet

Buying auto parts is the guarantee of a controlled budget. No excessive margin here, specialized websites like Oscaro, Yakarouler, Auto Parts 24 or Autodoc are waging a price war. You will have the choice between original OEM parts – the most expensive – adaptable parts “of equivalent quality”, or even guaranteed second-hand parts. Identification on the site by the registration number of the car is the guarantee of finding a suitable part for your car model. Some sites give you advice or offer tutorials to make your repairs. All that remains is to find a garage, like Franck Delclaux from the Concept auto 56 garage in Vannes, who will take care of fitting the parts on your vehicle after having advised you on your order on the internet.

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